Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Am I Here?

This blog is about art. The theories of different artists, designers, philosophers, politicians, anti-politicians, critics and everybody in between who has been or is involved in different art movements across different eras of time.

I am currently enrolled in an art class at my university, which is a difficult class about the history of the history of art and all of the different theories and movements and styles that are all a part of art. In this class we do a lot of critical thinking and a lot of comprehensive writing.

I'm struggling to make my writing about the concepts that we discuss in class. For the most part I understand the information, but writing it down efficiently is difficult for me. It will get easier with practice, and I feel like I should have started blogging about it all a lot sooner, since this is now my third art history class at the university.

Anyway, I would like to say welcome. Welcome to my nerdy art blog, some of which may fly over your head, some of which you will not agree with, but all of which will let you learn and grow if you decide to follow along. Feel free to leave comments. Ask questions. Offer opinions, or resources, or additional information.

I am, after all, here to learn.

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