Sunday, March 9, 2014

pieces of me: part two

I like to go on adventures (hence the name of my other blog...natventures HA). And I also like to take my camera with me on my adventures. For photographic evidence reasons.

Also because you can't have too many pictures.

(I totally took these pictures while I was driving. Don't worry! I just held the camera up and clicked, hoping I got a good shot somewhere in there because you can't look through the view finder and drive in a straight line at the same time.)

The sun was out on my drive down to Moscow on Friday afternoon and just, I always feel more like myself when the sun is out. I can't explain it.

And then that Nathan guy and I went on a walk around the Arboretum at the UI on Saturday after we went to play tennis because what else do you do on an overcast Saturday?

Unrelated, I really suck at tennis.

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