Tuesday, June 21, 2011

some new stuff

The summer session is almost to an end. This is my last week of class! And we are rushing around getting everything finished!

Also, the weather finally (finally!) warmed up this week, so we are going to be outside! Outside!

This was outside at an abandoned pea factory on probably the coldest day of the "summer." I wore flip flops (that's right!) and my poor toes turned purple. Purple! I suppose I was asking for it with my questionable footwear? Oh well.

This painting took place in the middle of an alley way. I was questioned by two cops and asked to move out of the way multiple times. I embraced my inner rebel though, and I got the painting done. It was fun and now every time we see cops around the town my professor always says to me "Katie, I don't want you to sit in the middle of the road today."

That's funny for two reasons. The first being that my name is not Katie, that's just what he calls me. The second being that he always says it with a mischievous glint in his eye because really deep down inside he's five years old, too - just like me.

This painting is my master study for the semester. It's Winslow Homes' "The Green Dory" and I there are lots of things I like about this painting, but as with any piece of art there are also lots of things I hate about it. But I'll have you know that my aunt saw my post about it on Facebook and immediately laid claim. She's so spoiled! :)

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