Friday, November 18, 2011

some graphic design for you

I originally wanted to post all of my artwork to this blog in an attempt to show off what I can do and potentially sell some of my items. I haven't got the selling part down yet and lately I've only been showing off what I've painted, so I thought I would take this opportunity to display a little bit of my graphic design work.

Graphic design is somewhat foreign to me, being that I'm highly unfamiliar with the software that we are using in class. However, in a recent discussion I had with my professor, she believes that I am producing strong work. She also said I'm really quiet and that she doesn't know how far she can push me. Hmm.

Anyway, our third project was to design a poster, post card, and email that would potentially be sent out to announce an upcoming fictitious lecture by a designer of our choosing. Lately I have been obsessed with typography, so I picked Zuzana Licko and Rudy Vanderlans who are two designers out of California famous for starting Emigre - a typography website.

This is the poster I designed that would be something you might see plastered around hallways to get people's attention. I chose to use bold types and bright colors to imitate their website and visually support the ideas that they are all about. I don't know if they would like it or not, but I do.

Then I took the layout I had been using for the poster and I applied it to a 4 by 6 post card that would be sent out in the mail. I think the post card layout is my favorite from this project.

After I finished with the post card and poster I worked on the email design. I didn't really understand what exactly the email should look like because the description was suuuuuper vague. It turns out that everyone in my class was confused about the email, so I was in good company during the critique. Nonetheless, my professor did like my email design and said she would probably pay attention to it if it was in her inbox because it's so huge and bright.

It looks really similar to my poster design, but I changed the background from vertical to horizontal. I actually ended up liking this a lot better and I think if I had to do it over again I would make the poster horizontal as well.

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  1. Well, Natalie, your poster and email design was enticing enough for me to read all about the lecture. Ha! Never existed, so I don't have to kick myself anymore for missing it!
    Your graphic design is superb, and if you say it's something that's foreign to you, I must say that you simply have a natural talent for it. (And graphic design is not about computers; it's about art.) I'll read some of your latest posts to see how your graphic design has progressed. Your fine art, including the rendering on your blog, is really special. I'm a designer, not a painter or illustrator, so I deeply admire such talent. Check out my fun with the ampersand: