Thursday, November 17, 2011

Space. So much space.

This is our second to last painting for the semester, so we got to pick our own subject matter. I had trouble coming up with what exactly I wanted to paint. We had no limitations, no parameters and usually I'm not very good with that. Too many options just overwhelms me and makes my brain want to shut down.

And to make matters worse, Monday morning our crazy purple croc clad professor, complete with matching purple scarf, tells us that our mid-crit is on Wednesday. As in the next class period. As in two days from then. And I'm not going to lie to you, I panicked a little bit. I looked at the girls on either side of me, who returned the exact same expression of shock. After we picked our jaws up off of the floor, I decided right quick what I was going to paint.

I mixed a lot of black and went to town painting the background. I left some white space for the planets and then I painted in flat blocks of color just to get an idea of what it would look like.

And then I got all seriously excited about space and planets and stars and before I knew it I splattered white paint all over the place! Not only was it all over my canvas, but it was on my shirt, my hands and my face. What can I say, I really get into my work. Plus, I'm one of the messiest artists I know, so there's that. 

Those stars! Man, I tell you what. I was super impressed with myself, but also I thought they weren't quite finished. Space needs to have some depth to it, and this was just too flat still. So I pulled in some color from the surrounding planets. Then I added in some colored gasses around the planets for mysterious effect! 

As it was starting to look more like the cosmos, the TA asked me what I was going to do with it. I blushed and confided to her that I was going to do something totally and completely nerdy with my intergalactic painting. And then she got all excited about it right along with me. I've slowly discovered that professors love when you do nerdy things in your artwork. I feel like this is because it makes it more personal to myself? Maybe? Question mark?

So I did it. I added in my favorite space core from one of my favorite video games. Get arrested in space, go to space jail.

SPAAACCCEEEEEE!!!!! So much space! Gotta see it all! Space!

And for your viewing pleasure I included a detail shot of my little yellow eyed orb creation. In the big picture, because he's so white, he gets blown out and overexposed because of the lighting in the studio. But he's pretty cute, I'm not gonna lie.

I know right? Amazing.

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